What’s it Worth?

No, buying a new Heating and Air Conditioning system ┬áis not sexy, fashionable, or cool ( in a groovy way). It doesn’t impress your Facebook friends nor make good gossip around the water cooler at work. Actually it can be down right boring. Hey, if the furnace comes on in the Winter and the A/C blows some air around in the Summer, you are good to go, right?example of how ESCO installs vs other companies that don't do the job right

Well, maybe not. ESCO Heating and Air Conditioning services 100’s of old furnaces and air conditioners every year in Salt Lake County. Most of them are running, most of them are running poorly. So what if the efficiency isn’t what it used to be? Here’s the so what, money and safety!

You are spending hundreds of dollars per year that you don’t need to by holding on to that old furnace and air conditioner. You are giving needless money to your local utility provider every month. The safety of everyone who lives in the house is in jeopardy (including pets). Gases that have not been completely burned properly may be escaping into your home through vents and the furnace unit it self.

Every year you turn that old furnace on, you are tempting the fates. If it is over 15 years old make sure you have it inspected by a licensed and insured professional company like ESCO Heating, Air Conditioning, Plumbing and Electrical.

Don’t be cheap and foolish, be smart and pro active!

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