Top Five Most Common Problems with A Furnace During Winter

Salt Lake City, UT is a place that can get pretty cold pretty fast. Once these cold weeks turn into cold months, furnaces get used on a much more regular basis.

If you aren’t feeling warm enough in your own home, there may be some issues with your furnace. While some of these furnace issues may be able to be fixed by the homeowner, there are certain issues where you need to call an HVAC professional.

Here are five of the most common problems with a furnace during winter:

Dirty Filter

One of the most common reasons why your furnace may stop working is due to a dirty filter. If you have a higher heating bill and low airflow, this could easily be due to a dirty filter. Changing the filter is usually something that a homeowner can take care of on their own.

Carbon Monoxide Leak

When you do not have complete combustion, your furnace is going to produce carbon monoxide gas. If you feel like this may be an issue, it is imperative that you get a carbon monoxide detector. This could save the lives of your family members and pets.

Poorly Calibrated Thermostat

If your thermostat in Salt Lake City is not calibrated properly, this could cause your furnace to turn on and off too many times a day. This could cause unneeded wear on your furnace.

New Furnace and ac installation exampleLoose or worn out fan belts

If you are noticing loud squeaky noises coming from your furnace, this is most likely due to loose or worn out fan belts. This can usually be fixed with a seasonal tune up from an HVAC professional.

Dry air caused by your furnace

Probably the most common problem related to your furnace is the dry air that it causes in your home. Humidifiers are a great way to combat this dry air. An HVAC professional will be able to help you determine if this is a step that you need to take.

The importance of preventative maintenance

It is important to have your furnace tuned up every fall before winter starts. Taking care of smaller problems before they become big ones can save you a great deal on furnace repairs.

ESCO Heating, AC, Plumbing & Electric, based in Salt Lake City, UT will be able to help you with these tune-ups, small repairs, replacements, emergency calls, and more.

If you feel like your furnace needs to be looked at, call (801) 204-9444 in order to have your furnace looked at.