Tips To Avoid Common Pipe Problems

Tips to Prevent Plumbing and Pipe Problems

Many have heard of encounters with flooded basements, pipe bursts, and clogs within the kitchens or bathrooms that end up costing more than necessary. The best way to get rid of such issues is to prevent them from occurring in the first place.

Toilet Trouble

Most families are aware that flushing too much toilet paper or flushing foreign objects can lead to clogging and flooding, but how many also know that not using the toilet enough could clog them as well?

Small children find ways to flush toys, appliances, and even electronic devices down toilets, often going unnoticed until mysterious plumbing issues come up. It is always best to stress the importance of not flushing toys down the toilet to your children. This will make your home less susceptible to flooding from water and bills.

Clooged Tub Drain

Kitchen Sinks and Fats: A Bad Mix

Having a curved sink inside your home is a blessing, but it also comes with more need for prevention. The shape of your sink makes it susceptible to collection of fat buildup over time, especially if you cook during the winter.

To avoid such issues, always make sure you use a drainer in the sink and never dispose of greasy or oily foods using the drain. However, even after taking these precautions, there will still be a certain amount of grease to be disposed on in the drain. Run hot water for a total of 5 minutes to properly unclog your sink.

Bathtubs and Hair: An Even Worse Mix

Hair and soap are the main culprits when it comes to the mystery behind a clogged bathtub. Chances are when you unclog the tub, you will see a rather disturbing mix of both.

Preventing this clog is similar to how you can solve your kitchen’s clogging: with a regularly cleaned drainer and boiling water. However, avoid using chemical solutions since they can lead to erosion and damage to pipes.

Freezing and Bursting Pipes

This problem is especially prevalent during winter when pipes are more likely to freeze without hot water running inside them. The pipes that are more susceptible to freezing are the ones along the side exterior of the home that receive less winter sunlight. Pipe insulators and electric heating tape help manage these issues since they make up for the sunlight the pipes should be getting.

Pipe and plumbing issues could be solved just by preventing them with basic maintenance and don’t require you to be very knowledgeable about plumbing. Take control of your home and preventing clogging with our simple solutions.

If you have a drain in your home that seems to have a chronic clogging issue it would be worth the investment to have the drain line cleaned and inspected with a camera to ensure there isn’t something stuck in the pipe that could end up costing you more money later on.