The Benefits of Radiant Heating in Utah

In today’s market, energy costs can run high, and homeowners can benefit by considering different options to lower their bills and conserve energy. Since heating and cooling units are the biggest contributor to these costs, looking at alternatives in heating options can be helpful.

For years, standard HVAC units have been kept in one area where the air is treated to bring it to the chosen temperature. As it’s heated or cooled, the temperature-controlled air is routed to other areas of your house through a network of ducts.

As air is carried through the ducts, heat dissipates before reaching the register or other outlet where it’s released. This can be especially problematic when there are malfunctions in the duct work through blockages or leaks. The Department of Energy (DoE) states that as much as a tenth of a home’s energy use is due to this kind of problem.

Radiant Heat

Newer systems have been developed, and they’re different from conventional systems using forced air. One such development is radiant heating. It creates comfortable temperatures at the source and, by functioning in this way, energy is conserved because no heat is lost while air travels through duct work.

This type of system is placed under floors, between walls and behind ceiling tiles in order to put heat directly in the room, and the heat feels much like the warmth from a fire. Radiant heat offers multiple advantages over conventional systems.

Higher Efficiency

The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHAE) conducted a study showing that radiant heat has a higher efficiency by a minimum of 25 percent when compared with conventional heating units. That means a considerable amount of savings especially in winter. Those savings come from heat being directly delivered to rooms without having to be pushed through ducts which cause a loss of heat before the warmed air reaches its chosen destination.


Because radiant heat doesn’t require ducts and vents, it works well with any home design. These systems allow for extra room, because there’s no need to work around heating fixtures such as heat exchanges and radiators that can be bulky and in the way.

Quick and Quiet

Another advantage of radiant heating is a fast response time. In addition, it won’t add to home noise. These are benefits that make your living environment more comfortable. When a room cools too much, radiant heat will quickly bring it back to a comfortable temperature.

The benefits that radiant heat offers when compared with conventional heating systems make it a viable option for homeowners. Your home may or may not be better with radiant heating, but it’s a good idea to find out more in order to determine if it would be a good fit for your needs.

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