The Basics Of Home Heating In Salt Lake City

Over 1/3 of your energy bill goes to your home’s central heating system. If you don’t plan well, then heating your home may cost you big time. Those looking for quality heating and are deciding which system to purchase, you should consider the following home heating basics all homeowners should know.

Your home can be heated with 4 primary methods. Are any of these in your home?

Gas Furnace

The gas furnace heats up your home using electricity, fuel oil, liquid propane, or natural gas. This sends warm air throughout your house via a network of vents and ducts. The air in the heating unit is moved by a fan located inside it. Ceilings, floors, or walls are typically where gas furnaces are located.

Electric Furnace

Like gas furnaces, electric furnaces operate very similarly. That said, electric furnaces are the greener option due to their being powered by electricity, not gas. While gas furnaces are better for those living in cooler areas since they can reach higher temperatures, electric furnaces are perfect for those who live in warmer areas.

Air-source Heat Pump

Heat pumps don’t generate heat like gas or electric furnaces. It can be used in both winter and summer, as it is a 2-way air conditioner. By moving heat from to the cooler indoors to the warmer outdoors, it works great during summer. During winter, this process is switched. It warms your home by distributing warmer air from the outside. Most heat pumps transfer heated air throughout your house using forced warm-air delivery systems.

Hot Water Boiler

Usually hot water boiler systems are gas or oil fired. It is through baseboard-heating units, pipes in the floor, or radiators that hot water is circulated. This system provides warmth without a breeze caused by air circulation, making it a comfy choice.

The utilities that are available are another factor to consider when purchasing a home heating system. Does your house have a gas service? Is installing it in your home economical or expensive? It’s a good idea to also check the heating system’s cost of energy.

Call one of our certified heating and cooling technicians today if you are still unsure of which type of heating system is right for your home. We are the top name in heating in the Salt Lake City area.