Six Ways To Reduce Your Air Conditioning Costs

Enhance the performance of any HVAC system and cut down on your energy bills with these common and simple ways to stay cool.

1. Keep Your Blinds Shut to hold in the cold

Effective and simple, this tip is a common solution to your AC efficiency. Keep the hot sun rays out by shutting your blinds in the daytime or drawing them a little more closed than they naturally are. Consider closing your blinds when you leave the house and drawing them open when you get home. You’ll see instant savings on your bill no matter how you adjust your windows, no matter what way you choose!

2. If You Live In An Area Where The Air Quality Is Good, Open Your Windows At Night

Summer nights cool down even when the days are hotter. Cool down your home for free and with a natural effect by opening your windows at night.

3. Take Advantage Of The Weather And Cook Out!

Everyone loves a good cookout! Save money on your AC bills by grilling outside for your friends and family. You’ll reduce energy and cooling costs by cooking outside rather than inside your house.

Cooking can make your AC work even harder while the heat sticks around indoors. Try to grill and cook outside as much as you can this summer and make sure you have a blast.

4. An AC Tune Up Works Wonders!

Consider the AC system itself as well as the tips this guide suggests. Make sure the system works properly as this is important to keeping your AC bills lower during the hotter months. It can be costly to fix general wear and tear if you don’t catch it in time.Example of a dirt packed condensor unit from a HVAC system

An expert HVAC professional can provide a proper AC tune-up to make your system super efficient for your home or business. Homeowners concerned about their budget should schedule a tune up by contacting us so you don’t have to replace the device entirely.

5. Try Your Ceiling Fan Instead

Ceiling fans have been an exclusive way to cool a room for over 100 years of American history. The whirring blades are not a complete way to make your room cool; however they make your body feel cooler and are cost-efficient.

Use your ceiling fan to save costs on AC bills if you have it and add breeze to your home all summer.

6. A Wi-Fi Enabled Thermostat Can Be Easily Controlled At Home

Save money by using your AC efficiently. Look to a Wi-Fi enabled device as our final helpful tip to you as a home or business open. You can control your home AC temperature with a Wi-Fi enabled thermostat.

Save money by controlling this device anywhere in the world to turn off your air conditioner in an empty house when you’re away. Even if you’re just heading out for a night out or putting in a 9-5, you can turn off your system to save its life. This device allows you to turn on the AC when you get home and come back to a cooler house. Save your bill every month without sacrificing comfort by using a Wi-Fi device.

Use these tips to save time and costs!