Common Electrical Issues Found in Homes Across Salt Lake Valley

The number of electrical hazards in your home may be shocking to you, literally and figuratively. Everything from loose connections to faulty breakers can cause tremendous damage to your home and to the people and pets who live there.common electrical hazards

Most of the electrical dangers in a home go unseen before it is too late. Every year in Salt Lake City numerous homes are damaged because of electrical issues. The reason the number of electrical home fires and injuries are so high is because for the most part, you can not see it coming. It all happens between the walls.

Every home should have an annual electrical safety inspection. Companies like ESCO Heating, AC, Plumbing & electrical, located in Salt Lake City, have trained Master and Journeyman electricians who perform safety inspections in your home to ensure all loose connections are tightened and bad breakers are replaced.

Don’t wait for a disaster, arrange for an electrical safety inspection today by calling 801-204-9444 or request an appointment online.