Heating System Preparation Before Winter

As the coldest time of the year approaches, it’s not surprising that homeowners are beginning to scour through their home as if looking to shield themselves for an upcoming battle. To an extent, this is more accurate than you might think. Surviving the winter entails a constant battle between your house and the weather, and one of your best weapons against the cold is your trusty heating system. Make sure that it will give you the warmth you need during winter by observing the following measures.

Damage Inspection

You should have your heating system inspected for damage before the last leaf of autumn falls, especially if it’s been sitting around your house untouched throughout the spring and summer. Otherwise, it might break down and become unusable for a few days in the middle of the winter freeze. Contractors should be able to check your heater for you and perform the necessary repairs.

External Cleaning

This is the time when you should begin cleaning your heater all over again after being practically dormant for about half a year. An article posted on Yahoo! Homes suggests that you should:

[…] wipe down the unit and surrounding area. Use the hose on a vacuum cleaner to remove loose debris, dead insects, and anything else that might have accumulated in the area.

Changing the Air Filter

Your furnace’s air filter is one of the most important factors that will affect its efficiency. You need to have it checked often and replaced approximately every three months, depending on how thick it is. However often you’ve been changing your filters in the past few months though, just have it changed again before winter anyway so your heating system can operate at optimum performance.

Performance Checking

The first day that you begin to use your furnace again, keep track of its performance and efficiency, and keep doing this all throughout the week. If you defurnace repair and maintenancetect a problem, contact a trusty contractor in your area immediately for reliable heating diagnosis and repair. Unless you have prior experience diagnosing and repairing heaters, you might want to leave it to the pros.

Preparation is your home’s best defense against the harsh attacks of the winter cold and frost. Your home will in turn keep you and your family safe and sound while you remain under your roof. Always remember, though, to keep maintaining your heater throughout the winter to ensure that it doesn’t give out on an inconvenient time.

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