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“Senator Jake Garn, is very particular about who works in his home and also has high expectations. He was very pleased with everything. Thank you everyone at Esco for your wonderful work!”

-Garn Family

Snow covered roof with icicles

Protecting Salt Lake City Homes From the Elements Since 1977

Cold air trapped in between your walls could potentially freeze the water pipes in your home. It happens more frequently than you’d think, with roof ice, snow, and other materials clogging rain gutters. Problems from freezing pipes may even cause them to burst, resulting in possible water damage and mildew. Not only is this a significant inconvenience, but it’s also a considerable unexpected expense.

As you brace yourself for the bitter cold months of winter by applying the needed preventative measures, make sure you are thinking about the safety of your pipes as well.

Installing heat tape ice melt systems around your plumbing helps you maintain the optimal temperature of the pipes’ contents and keep the pipes from freezing. In addition, heat cables can prevent ice dams from forming on your roof.

ESCO has the best innovative heating solutions for your entire home. We’re proud to help Utah residents prevent frozen pipes and resulting water damage throughout the winter. Contact our heat cable and heat tape installation experts in Salt Lake City to schedule your service appointment.

Prevent dangerous icicles

Why Salt Lake City Homes Need Heat Cable & Heat Tape

Utah winters are long and cold, and the impact from this harsh climate can have chilling results on your home. That’s why we believe heat tape and heat cable are essential for the long-term protection of the inner workings of your Salt Lake City property. Heat tape and heat cable benefits include:

  • Frozen pipe prevention
  • Elimination of ice dam formation on the roof and in the gutters
  • Improved gutter efficiency
  • Defense against potential water damage and mildew build-up

Should the Heat Tape & Heat Cable in Your Salt Lake City Home Be Replaced?

These ice melting applications don’t have a long shelf life, and damaged heat tape or heat cables are potential fire hazards. That’s why it’s crucial to make a habit of inspecting your heat cable or heat tape every fall.

To do so, follow these simple steps:

  1. Unplug the heat cable or heat tape.
  2. Check for any cracks, bare wires, or charred insulation.
  3. Call an ESCO expert if you find any problems. Don’t attempt DIY repairs or continue use.
  4. Schedule replacement services.

Our heating experts are glad to assist you if you’re unsure about the condition of your ice-melt systems. In addition, ESCO provides safe heat cable and heat tape installation for Salt Lake City homes.

Meanwhile, if your home is currently without an ice-melt system, call our technicians to evaluate your property. They’ll recommend the best solution for you while keeping efficiency, safety, and comfort in mind.

What’s the Difference Between Heat Cable & Heat Tape?

Homeowners often request heat tape when they need a heat cable, and vice versa. To eliminate this confusion, we’re happy to provide an explanation of how each ice-melt system works.

Heat Cable

Heat trace cables use electricity to produce warm temperatures on roofs, gutters, water pipes, and other areas. Heating cables, while still bendable, are significantly stiffer than heat tape.

Heat Tape

Heat tape is highly flexible and ideal for crooked pipes or tight contours. Plus, it’s available in fixed lengths and can often reach higher temperatures than heat trace cables.

Application & Usage

You can utilize both items to warm your water pipes during the winter to prevent them from freezing. However, heat tape is better suited for interior application while roof heating cable kits are suitable for preventing exterior ice dam formation.

Furthermore, both ice-melt systems are available in self-regulating versions that are specially crafted not to rise above a given temperature. As a result, self-regulating heating cables and heat tape are less likely to burn out or overheat.

Find out more about the application and use of heat tape and heat cable by contacting our experts in Salt Lake City.

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Certified Heat Cable & Heat Tape Installation Experts in Salt Lake City

ESCO Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electrical is the premier home service contractor in Utah. Our team members are specifically trained on how to correctly and safely install heat tape and heat cable in Salt Lake City homes and businesses. Additionally, we provide 24/7 emergency services for problems that occur outside of typical business hours.

ESCO Is Committed to Delivering High-Quality Service

We offer heat cable and heat tape installation services in Salt Lake City to protect your property from frozen water pipes, water damage, mildew, and ice dams. But most importantly, we don’t take our heating services lightly.

That’s because improperly installed heating cable or heat tape can cause a fire. According to the CPSC, an estimated 3,300 residential fires involving heat tapes or cables occur each year, resulting in injury, death, and property loss.

Don’t take the risk of DIY heat tape and heat cable installation or hiring an unlicensed contractor. ESCO’s heating technicians will ensure that your ice-melt systems are safely installed and work at peak performance.

Heat Tape & Heat Cable in Salt Lake City - Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any heat cable if I already have heat tape installed?

Whether or not you should have both heating devices will depend on the specific circumstances of your home. To determine which option is best for your particular application, schedule a service request with our experts today.

Is ESCO properly licensed and insured?

Yes. Our home service company is properly licensed, bonded, and insured to conduct work in Salt Lake City, including heat tape and heat cable installation. In addition, our technicians are certified, and they undergo regular training so that they can provide you with the best service possible.

How long does heat tape and heat cable last?

Heat tape and heat cable typically lasts for three years. Give our experts a call if your heating devices have been in place for more than three years or if you’re unsure about their condition.

Choose ESCO For Safe & Proper Heat Tape & Heat Cable Installation in Salt Lake City

Keeping your pipes warm in the harshest of winters using heat tape and heat cables is entirely achievable when you partner with our team of knowledgeable professionals.

Schedule an appointment with us today to request a quote for your next heat cable or heat pipe installation in Salt Lake City, Utah. Don’t allow frozen pipes to affect your home temperature and water flow!

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