Sensible Reasons to Hire a Qualified Electrician in Salt Lake City

A Computerworld article dated October 17, 2013 reports on the various problems encountered at the National Security Agency’s newly built data center in Utah. Running a data center is difficult enough without enough energy to power it, and the NSA’s own building requires a sizable and intricate system to supply it with electricity. Sure enough, the entire system faces problems due to such complexities:

There are many potential points of failure in this approximately 1 million-square-foot facility in Bluffdale, Utah, 23 miles south of Salt Lake City. The NSA says 100,000 square feet of the center is mission critical raised floor space. The balance of the mall-sized complex is for other support and administrative functions.

The amount of wiring and compute equipment used is hard to imagine. Details found in government records speak to its complexity. For instance, among the systems installed are 60 diesel emergency standby generators, each capable of producing 3,000 kW, according to a Utah environmental quality report.

Wiring a building isn’t as simple as following a blueprint and expecting it all to work. This delicate task requires expert knowledge of electrical systems to create logical and functional wiring. Utah locals who have reason to suspect troubles with their home or commercial electrical systems should call upon a qualified Salt Lake City electrician to troubleshoot problems before it is too late.

Electrical system repairs are not only complicated but also potentially dangerous. A system that’s not properly grounded can pose electrocution hazards to those unfortunate enough to come into contact with it.

Rather than deal with electrical problems on their own, residential and commercial property owners should leave the job in the hands of trained professionals who have the experience and equipment necessary for the appropriate solutions.Electrical Fire Hazard Created from Storm Damage In Salt Lake Valley

Risks like electrocution, equipment damage, and spark-induced fires stem from faulty wiring. Whether you want a few lighting fixtures replaced or need someone to check on a tripped circuit, it’s far safer to call on a trained electrician in Salt Lake City than deal with all electrical problems by yourself.

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(Article Excerpt and Image from Snap, crackle, pop: Electrical troubles shed light on NSA’s data center, Computerworld, October 17, 2013)