Furnace Repair Tips for Utah Residents


Does your furnace work poorly? Before you pick up that phone and call for a furnace repair technician, perhaps these tips can guide you in troubleshooting the issue. With little do-it-yourself willingness and experience in tinkering with typical mechanical problems, you can fix your furnace easily.

Gas Leak

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Are you experiencing gas leaks with your furnace? While the latest models are quite reliable, should a gas leak occur, it is imperative that you deal with this issue immediately. Gas leaks are perceptible as odors near or sourcing from the furnace. Should you smell something that resembles a gas leaking from the unit, do not spark matches or turn the switches on.

To cut the gas supply, simply turn off the gas valve; it should be located near the gas meter or inlet pipe.

If the odor is strong, secure the safety of your family and vacate the premises immediately. However, leave the door open so the gas can escape and not accumulate inside your home. This is the time you need to seek help from a furnace repair technician.

For added precaution, you might want to contact the fire department as well.

No Ignition or Pilot Light Not Turning On

Older models are equipped with pilot lights while the newer designs have electronic ignition. If you have, an older model and its pilot light will not turn on or if the unit’s ignition does not work, perhaps you have a faulty thermocouple, or the pilot orifice is blocked. You might want to adjust the pilot’s flame if it is adjusted too low.

You can use a thin wire to clear the obstruction in the pilot orifice. However, please note that you need to turn off the gas first before sticking the wire into the orifice. For added precaution, shut off the circuit breaker.

Heating Problems

If your furnace is not producing enough heat, you might want to do these things first prior to calling a furnace repair professional:

  1. Check if anything is blocking the airflow; remove the obstruction when able and without causing damage to the furnace or injury to yourself.
  2. Perhaps the thermostat is not properly set. To achieve the preferred temperature, adjust it accordingly.
  3. If the filter is dirty, it can impede the airflow, resulting in diminished heating.

If these things do not work, have a furnace repair technician look at your system. Our experienced professionals can properly handle these issues.

As cold weather approaches, it is recommended that you get an inspection and tune-up.

Here at ESCO, we provide high-quality furnace repair service.

It does not matter what model or type of furnace you have. Think of us as skilled doctors. In situations like this, our technicians will get the job done and bring your heating system back to life.

You can rely on us to work tirelessly on your furnace problem. We will thoroughly diagnose the issue and provide appropriate solutions to restore the function of your unit.