Repair VS Replace

When is it the right time to replace your home HVAC system?

Every day you delay your decision to replace old equipment increases your costs. All mechanical equipment has an expected life cycle. It’s not a matter of if your are going to need to replace your existing system, it is a matter of when. The longer you wait the more it costs. You can only fix it so many times. And financially, after one major repair you are throwing money down the drain to repair it again.

You have the power of choice, you can control the timing or be inconvenienced during the hottest or coldest day of the year.

A new system can save you as much as 75% in utility costs. Not to mention not having to worry if your system will be able to handle the load being placed on it due to weather conditions. Emergencies always cost more and are never convenient.

Your current system has a shelf life. Plan ahead, be prepared, have your system inspected before the next peak season is here.

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