How Handy is the Handy Man?

The importance of hiring a professional vs a generic handyman

Thank goodness for free enterprise. It is one of the endearing things about our country. I love driving through light industrial developments to see all of the small businesses that create much of this country’s economy. I am always amazed at the myriad of funny little widgets that all these small companies make, that keep the world spinning.

However, there is a sector of our free enterprise that is a bit scary; it is called the Handy Man. There is a perfect market for this group of entrepreneurs, and they perform invaluable services. Beware, however, of the Handy Man that wants to rebuild your house from top to bottom.

There are certain aspects of your home you do not want them working on. Electricity and plumbing are the main ones. These are highly regulated industries with specifications and codes that even a lot of the trade is not up to speed on.

In the interest of safety for you and your loved ones, hire only licensed electricians and plumbers to do that type of work. We have witnessed huge safety violations and dangerous situations that the Handy Man has put the customer in. Hang a cabinet, call the Handy Man. Re-wire your house, call a licensed electrician.