Furnace Service And Carbon Monoxide Safety In Salt Lake City

Winter season in Salt Lake City is just about here. In fact, the months of October through February have a record of carbon monoxide safety concerns with 68 percent of carbon monoxide associated deaths due to home appliances taking place throughout those months.

To understand the safety of your home, schedule an annual furnace service in Salt Lake City now, before the middle of winter shows up.

Hazards of Carbon Monoxide Gas

According to a new survey, 94 percent of individuals understand that their furnace can release deadly carbon monoxide gas, but higher than half do not do anything to stop it from occurring.

In an interview, Dr. Lance Broy was priced quote as stating, “Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odor-free gas that can be surprisingly harmful. Initial signs can be considered the flu – you can have queasiness and tiredness but in fact can advance and cause organ damage or even death.”

Any appliance in your house that utilizes fuels like gas, oil, or wood– such as heaters, water heating units, fireplaces or clothing dryers– has the possibility to release carbon monoxide if the system is not working as it needs to be or if it wasn’t set up properly.

Having a Salt Lake City furnace service company perform a general yearly furnace service look into all your devices can discover potential issues.


The furnace technician ought to be able to:

• Ensure that your heater isn’t discharging carbon monoxide

• Inspect for any other unusual things that might compromise your security

• Help you determine any additional areas where you might wish to consider adding a carbon monoxide detector

• Tune-up your system so that you know your equipment is working at its leading effectiveness, providing peace-of-mind that you’re in a great area to potentially save money this winter season

It’s important to keep in mind that many furnace makers may need yearly furnace service to keep your system under their warranty. That’s where the group at ESCO Heating and Air can help. We’re here to assist you have not only a comfortable house, however more importantly, a safe one.

Give us a call at (801) 204-9444 or set up an appointment with us online for more information about carbon monoxide safety and furnace service in Salt Lake City.