Common Items That Should Never Go Down Your Drains

What Is Going Down Your Drains?

It is easy to dump waste down your household drains, but it causes damage to your sewer and drain system. After making breakfast, pouring the grease from bacon down the drain is common, but major issues can be caused by even a little grease. Malfunctions in your sinks and toilet, such as clogs or drains that backup, can be the results of improper disposal of waste.

Common Drain and Sewer Line Clogs


You may be surprised about how many diapers and feminine products clog drains and sewers in Utah. To some, this one is obvious, but for others, they will have to call for professional plumber to use their plumbing system again. Removing these clogs can be destructive and costly since a plunger won’t clear the clog.

Hair and Dental Floss

Dental floss clings to pipes also. It is similar to hair. It’s no big deal to allow a few hairs down because even when you try, strands will make their way to the pipes. You just can’t keep it all out, but you should know that both products will stick to pipes. As they build up, they create big clogs.


Fat, Oil, and Grease

After preparing meals, you probably will be cleaning up a mess. Getting rid of the leftovers by dumping them down the sink may seem simple enough, but as the leftovers move through the drains and begin to cool, the materials congeal and harden. On your pipes and plumbing, this wreaks havoc by sticking to the pipes sides and become hard. The results are major clogs because on the way down they catch other particles, and they combine with other materials when introduced into the local sewer systems.

Paper Products

You can flush toilet paper in appropriate amounts. Once in water, it begins to dissolve. Other materials are not designed to do this, such as swabs, paper towels, and cotton balls.

Coffee Grounds

You may know that coffee grounds cannot be handled by a garbage disposal. You should throw them in the trash. Plumbers know the grounds are a cause of major clogs.

Foods, Bones, and Egg Shells

These items can still clog a system even though these types of food wastes are easy to shred in your garbage disposal. A compost pile or the trash is the best place for these materials to be disposed of.

If you find you’re not able to clear your drain, call to schedule a local plumber to assist.

Here are a few things to expect from a professional plumber:

Drain Snake Services:

  • Pipes mucked up with the toughest roots and clogs can become clear with a powerful drain snake. Methods that can lead to severely damaged drains and bigger issues are rental drain snakes and chemicals.

Video Camera Inspection:

  • To look inside your drains, we use drain-imaging equipment that is state of the art. We can provide you a quote that is accurate because we see the clog in real-time, and what is causing it.

Plumbing System Jetting/Drain Clearing:

  • With excessive clogs it is necessary to use a commercial jetter or rooter tool that clears and cleans the plumbing system pipes.