Is a Cold Draft Going Cost You Big Money This Winter? We’ll Help you Keep Warm

The Savings and Benefits of Regular Furnace Maintenance

Do you remember feeling a cold draft in your home last winter? With the colder weather coming in just a few weeks, having a warm and comfortable setting in your home is a commodity you deserve. For better sleep and cozier nights, you’d want the warm air not to leak out or the chill to seep in.

Cold drafts due to air leaks can cost you money during winter time; not to mention, it’s downright uncomfortable and very irritating. To save huge costs for heating during the cold months and maintain an ideal indoor temperature, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency highly urges everyone to seal the cracks on walls. By doing so, one can save as much as 20 percent off expenses relating to heating the home. In addition, there is also a 10-percent reduction in total energy bills.

Are you planning to do something about the cold draft problems you’re having and save big bucks off heating costs? Here are some simple tips.

Fix Air Leaks in The Home

First off, you need to start working on those air leaks. Whether you’re a new owner or have lived in your home for quite a while and haven’t noticed the cracks or crevices, your home can have some air leaks. The most common areas with leaks are windows and doors; the home’s basement and attic are also two of the likely places where the air leaks occur. Unless you do something about this, you can expect huge heating costs as well as expenses relating to heating your home to maintain an ideal room temperature.

You have two options: you can perform your own home inspection for air leaks or seek professional help. Carefully scrutinize the common air leakage points and look for gaps, crevices, or cracks. Simply take note of the location of these opening and air-seal them later. Always make the large holes a priority; you can earn the biggest savings off energy and heating bills by patching them up first.

Do you have a malfunctioning furnace? Did you know you can avoid having huge electricity costs off its use when you have them fixed?

During the cold winter months, having a functioning furnace is very critical to your home’s continuing comfort. To endure the frosty climate, you need your furnace tlist of comon furnace issueso achieve a warm and cozy indoor temperature in your home. Thus, it is crucial that you have its defects fixed and have it restored to its optimal performance.

The most common furnace problems include the following:

  • Malfunctioning thermostat, resulting in having no heat;
  • Air flow irregularities, which can be attributed to faulty fan motors, defective belts or bearings, among others;
  • Clogged filters that require cleaning and maintenance;
  • Control system problems; and
  • Frequent breakdowns, increase in power consumption, poor performance, and similar glitches as a result of poor maintenance.

Before the cold months set in, it is highly recommended that you have your furnace diagnosed or repaired for defects or faults. Are you willing to risk getting you and your family stuck in the cold? Would you like to save a considerable amount off your power costs? Make sure you and your family are warm and cozy during the frosty season. Have your furnace checked and fixed by the dependable technicians at ESCO.

When you need comprehensive and affordable furnace repair in Salt Lake City, look to the leading service technicians in the area. Get in touch with our trustworthy technicians for reliable services and long-lasting results at rates within your means.