Broken Pipe? Call our Professional Salt Lake Plumbers

Have you experienced incurring an unexplained increase in your water bill? Are you wondering why it ballooned so suddenly when your water consumption is virtually the same as the last time? You can say it’s probably a clerical error on the part of the water company. Try checking your water meter. Has there been a significant increase in your water usage? If yes, there’s really something wrong with pipes.Pipe leak examples


These are just some of the common indicators of a busted or broken pipe. When this happens, it is important that you get that fixed. If you need trusted repair services for broken or busted pipes, look to our reliable plumbers here at ESCO Heating, AC, Plumbing & Electric, we can get the job done.

A pipe leak, no matter how small, can give you big problems. For starters, leaks or cracks on the pipeline can trigger an increase in water usage, which can be reflected on the meter. As a result of an increased water consumption, your water bill will also balloon.

For pipelines sandwiched in the concrete walls, leaks can cause damage to the wall. As water slowly drips out of the broken pipe, it will gradually soften the concrete material, resulting in the wall’s deterioration. There is also a likelihood that the water will seep into the cabinetry, the nearby furniture, and floors.

If the affected pipe is connected into the hot water system, a corresponding increase in heat or energy usage will result. This means you’re not only paying for the wasted water, you’re also paying for the wasted energy.

When you have a pipe problem, you’re not only unnecessarily spending money for the water you haven’t used. If this problem is not appropriately addressed, you could end up with a damaged wall, furniture, or an increase in energy costs.

If you suspect that your pipeline is broken or busted, have it handled and fixed quickly and professionally. Why wait for things to get worse?

With more than 35 years in the business, ESCO has been widely recognized for the quality of our work and utmost customer satisfaction. For this reason, it has received and maintained an 4.7 or higher on Google for our technicians exceptional work.

ESCO takes pride in our highly skilled and proficiently trained plumbing specialists. To ensure that the job is quickly and efficiently done, our plumbers are fully equipped with the latest tools and components needed to get the problem fixed. With their extensive experience in handling all types of pipe problems, you can count on these friendly technicians to repair busted or broken pipes and water leak problems.

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