Tooele, Utah

September 2020

How ESCO Installs HVAC Equipment

example of how ESCO installs vs other companies that don't do the job right

Reasons for New Installation

Customer’s furnace wasn’t working

ESCO was called out to diagnose a heating system in Tooele, Utah that was not functioning.

After inspecting the heating system and discovering several defects in the system, it was determined that a new furnace was required to ensure a comfortable and safe home. Three options were offered for new equipment and installation options.

Our customer choose us to complete the installation because of how comfortable they felt with the technician who inspected the home as well as the sales team member that offered the comfort solutions unique for their home.

Issues found in the heating system that required a new furnace install:

  • Ducts exposed/loosing airflow
  • Old furnace was rusted through in many places
  • Flue was a clay pipe that was cracked and leaking fumes into space
  • Flex ducts were full of dirt and falling apart

PROJECT TYPE: Replace Old Furnace

  • New Furnace
  • Repaired old ducts
  • Installed new ducts since many were full of dirt and falling apart
  • IAQ improvement with new clean ducts


  • Pulled a new permit
  • Removed old heating equipment from property
  • Ensured customer was trained on how to operate the new heating system

New Furnace

Heat exchange rusted out Furnace heat exchange rusted Flex duct falling apart Old flex duct Old furnace exhaust Old furnace old furnace rusted internally Old rusted furnace heat exchange New furnace Tooele, Utah