Bountiful, Utah

September 2020

How ESCO Installs HVAC Equipment

example of how ESCO installs vs other companies that don't do the job right

Reasons for New Installation

Customer wanted to add cooling to kitchen and loft bedroom

ESCO was called out to provide a quote on a new ductless air conditioning system. This customer had no cooling in the kitchen and loft bedroom

After inspecting the home and discovering what the customer required to be comfortable, we offered 3 equipment and installation options.

Our customer choose us to complete the installation because of how comfortable they felt with the technician who inspected the home as well as the sales team member that offered the comfort solutions unique for their home.

PROJECT TYPE: New Ductless Mini Split AC System Install

  • New Ductless AC
  • Provide Cooling to Existing Spaces
  • Make Living Spaces “Livable”


  • Pulled a new permit

New Ductless AC System

New ductless mini split ac