Are You Looking For Ways To Keep Your Home Feeling Cozy All Winter Long?

The heat flow in your home should be maximized as much as possible. By following the below tips that are both easy and cheap, you could have both more maximized heat and energy efficiency.

Use the Curtains to Your Advantage:

By leaving your curtains open when the sun is out, you can absorb the most possible free heat into your home. Only shut the drapes after nightfall for extra insulation that lets less warmth exit your home. Also make sure that your windows have no leaks or gaps to prevent drafts from coming in and heat from going out.

Programmable Thermostat Should be Installed:

A programmable thermostat is a practical investment because it will automatically adjust the temperature in your home instead of forcing you to change it on your own when you leave the house. You can set a nominal temperature control for daytime hours while you are working because it is not important for your home to be heated if you are outside. You can also lower the temperature during sleeping hours and set it higher during other times. Beyond heat flow, you can also improve your energy spending upwards of 20 percent.

Furniture Arrangement:

Any furniture that is blocking your vents and heating devices should be rearranged. Also consider moving where clothes are hung and the placement of curtains. By following this advice, you can make sure that your home is feeling the maximum effects of your heating system.

Save Heating Costs for Home:

Everyone wants to save money on their heating bill during the winter. To do this, you should ensure that the heating system is running at its best possible performance level. By making the call to our expert technicians, we will make sure to clean and inspect everything to maximize the efficiency. Once the evaluation is complete, if you have pressing concerns about your furnace’s efficiency, you can then make the call to your energy provider and ask why the bill remains so expensive.

Services Offered at ESCO Heating, AC, Plumbing & Electric:

Our team services and repairs the equipment in your residential, commercial, and industrial space. We have specialties in furnace systems, refrigeration, boilers, water heater, and power generators. Beyond this, we also have the following services:

• Furnace tune-ups
Furnace replacement and repair
• Checking the air quality
• Installing programmable thermostats

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