Annual Inspection of Salt Lake Heating Systems Helps Protect Families

Salt Lake citizens are becoming more dependent on their furnaces as the temperatures get colder and colder. This puts extra pressure on the heating systems, which is why they should regularly be inspected and maintained. Having one’s heating system in perfect condition, especially during these times, is important not just because of the risk for malfunction, but for health reasons, as well.

Poorly maintained gas furnaces may leak carbon monoxide, a substance that can cause serious injury, and, in extreme cases, death. Last October 22, 2013, the Salt Lake Tribune reported on a couple who nearly suffered carbon monoxide poisoning from a stove leak. Outcome of improper HVAC installation

The same article also explains why detecting a carbon monoxide leak is difficult:

Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas that can be produced by heaters, fireplaces, furnaces and other gas- or fuel-burning appliances and stoves. Only by using an approved carbon-monoxide sensor and alarm unit can dangerous levels of the gas be detected.

According to the report, nobody was harmed because the leak was caught early, although another incident in the same article makes mention of a man passing out. Since carbon monoxide doesn’t have any odor, it is very difficult to determine when it’s leaking until it’s already too late. Gas furnaces produce small amounts of carbon monoxide during their operation and, if the equipment is in good condition, the substance is safely expelled from the home through the furnace’s venting.

Gas furnaces that are not cleaned and maintained well cannot work efficiently and may produce large amounts of the substance. Moreover, as time passes, the furnace’s combustion chamber may develop cracks not easily visible, and it is through these cracks that carbon monoxide can leak into the home. This is why homeowners should make it a point to get themselves some Salt Lake City heating repair and maintenance services from companies like ESCO Heating.

Homeowners should regularly clean their heating system’s filters and have their furnaces undergo thorough inspection and maintenance. While one can only hope to tolerate the cold winter, it is even more difficult to deal with harmful gases leaking into one’s house.


(Article Excerpt and Image from Carbon monoxide: Time to install, check or replace detector alarm units, Salt Lake Tribune, October 22, 2013)